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Our Company

RESILIT is a boutique firm providing professional consulting and training services, as well as structuring and managing enterprise resilience projects. Services are tailored to each client's needs, thanks to RESILIT'S capacity to gain a detailed understanding of the challenges they will face in order to successfully harness developments in Business Resilience (BRE) and/or IT Resilience (ITRE). At its core of our company lies the founding team, with a combined 20 years of experience in the field.

RESILIT was founded as a response to the need for businesses to become increasingly agile in reacting to both planned and unforeseen changes in their business and/or technological environment.

The business perspective:
21st century companies face increasingly complex adaptation and sustainability challenges due to a multiplicity of external and internal transformation factors that manifest themselves as competitive risks in their respective markets.  Timely identification and management of these risk factors in the light of the company's competitive objectives becomes business strategy imperative.  Business Resilience (BRE) is the business capacity to meet competitive objectives through harmonizing Business Strategy Management, Sustainable Innovation, and Disruptive Innovation.

The IT Perspective:
The question of whether companies must rely on information technologies is no longer up for debate. Therefore, now more than ever, they must be able to guarantee the continuing operation of their information systems in the face of risk, and even disaster.  This makes it necessary to build protection and sustainability capacities under a technology asset Governance system.  IT Resilience is the capacity for meeting business operational objectives in the presence and materialization of risk, through the harmonization of management practices for IT Services Provision, IT Security, and Business Continuity.

In the IT services environment, RESILIT has a unique understanding of the power of integrating these two perspectives in order to allow companies to add reliability and security to the creation of shareholder value.
At RESILIT we are the resiliency experts. Let us be your closest advisor.

Our Team

Our team brings together expertise ranging from Electronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Computer Science, to Management and Economics. Our team has been recognized for its values and professional qualities. We invite you to review our certifications and past projects.

Our Certifications

ITIL V3 Capability-Planning, Protection and Optimization (PPO)
Zoho Alliance Partner
Auditor IRCA ISO 27001 - Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)
CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional
DRI International CBCP: Certified Business Continuity Professional
CompTIA Security +
Neustar IT/Security
SysAid Partner

Clients & Partners

Our team has participated in a variety of projects in Colombia. Some of our clients include: 

Massy EnergyCarvajal Información          
Frontera Energy
Carvajal Tecnologia y Servicios
Milenio PC
IPM Consulting

Internationally, we have participated in projects in Ecuador, Mexico and Chile, with the following companies: 

  • - Scitum
  • - Neosecure

Some of our partners

SysAid Technologies
Zoho Corp
Neustar IT/Security

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Carrera 19 A No. 90-13 Oficina 304, Cll 57 No 18-22 Oficina 501
Bogota, Colombia.
57 -315 8520254
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