What We Think

What is RESILIT?
RESILIT is a company whose mission is to provide professional services (not products) related to the definition, construction and operation of resilience capabilities at the business and IT levels.  The construction of resilience capabilities is based upon managing the balance between the 6 pillars that are RESILIT'S areas of specialty. 
What is Resilience?
Resilience is a concept that can be applied in various ways. In people, it is understood as the capability to overcome adversity, such as an accident, or the death of a loved one. In materials engineering, it is understood as the property of a material to absorb strong energy impacts that alter its form and structure, and yet recover its initial state once the impact ceases. Enterprise Resilience is the capability to protect and sustain a company's operation by bolstering its capacity to meet competitive objectives and to fulfill its mission in the presence and materialization of risk.
What does RESILIT mean?
RESILIT is a Latin word meaning "to bounce" or "bouncing", which is basically the reaction of an elastic material after receiving an impact. It is the capability that businesses seek to build by making use of our professional services.
What is Business Resilience?
Business Resilience (BRE) is understood as a company's capability to meet its competitive objectives in the presence of changes in its environment that can impact its markets, products, or business model. It requires a balanced approach around three pillars: 1) Business Strategy, 2) Sustainable Innovation, and 3) Disruptive Innovation. 
What is IT Resilience?
IT Resilience (ITRE) is understood as a company's capability to prevent and react to information security risks, as well as disaster scenarios that degrade or completely interrupt the normal operation of its IT systems. It requires a balanced approach around three pillars: 1) IT Governance, 2) Information Security, and 3) Business Continuity.