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Frame of Reference
Enterprise Resilience

Resilience is the capability to protect and sustain a company's operation by bolstering its capacity to meet competitive objectives and to fulfill its mission in the presence and materialization of risk.

A business is resilient once 3 elements have been met:

1) There is resistance against destruction, 
2) There is a culture of positive, proactive behaviors under difficult circumstances, and
3) After a shock, the company returns to normalcy within a reasonable timeframe.

At RESILIT we understand that your company may be subject to risks arising from specific business and/or technological developments.  For this reason, our areas of specialization center around two main branches: Business Resilience (BRE) and IT Resilience (ITRE)

At the business level the pillars of Resilience are: 

Business Strategy
Sustainable Innovation
Disruptive Innovation

At the technology level the pillars of Resilience are: 

IT Governance
Information Security
Business Continuity

The following interactive infographics describes our frame of reference: